The salt and ice challenge

Crazy trends come and go through the years.  My dad was of the ‘knock a door run’ generation … whereas my daughter came home from secondary school once with a ‘smilie’ from a lighter burn.  To say I was annoyed at her for doing it and extremely dissapointed and wondering where I’d gone wrong, is an under-statement.

Now we have the latest craze .. from the ice bucket challenge (just gave a donation as the slightest cold breeze and I’m reaching for my cardie) to the ‘Salt and Ice’ challenge.

Originally from America (unusual eh) into the UK, you wonder which person decided this would be fun in the first place.  Maybe part of an initiation into some gang ??

The challenge involves putting salt onto the skin and then adding ice on top.  This causes a reaction resulting in burns which may be severe and even life threatening depending where on the body is affected.  One boy from fife was so severely burned Doctors considered giving him a skin graft.

There is a high potential for serious burns, scarring and it’s extremely painful.


Most of us want to feel part of a team / gang / community whatever you wish to term it as.  Some people including children take advantage of this and use bully tactics and manipulation to push others into carrying out activities they wouldn’t ordinarily even think of.

It may just be bravado and they have no perception of risk, no fear or thought of their own safety and that of others.


Have an open discussion and make sure your child is aware of the risks.


Treat as a burn using the following:

  1. Immerse the affected area in cool to tepid water (if unable to immerse keep rinsing affected area) for at least 10 minutes or until it stops hurting
  2. Cover loosely with cling film (to prevent infection) – DO NOT burst blisters
  3. If the affected area is:
    – larger than the casualties palm
    – around a limb
    – on the chest, face, hands or feet
    or, the casualty is a young child …  ensure the casualty gets medical help

Treatment of Burns and many other types of injury are covered in our first aid courses.  We offer First Aid training for individuals on our open courses.  We also provide on site training for School staff and children on site.

CALL 0161 672 7250 to enquire about our courses including community first aid that can be delivered to you at home.



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