First Aid Kit

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Workplace First Aid Kit – compliant with BS8599-1
Recommended for up to 25 employees in low hazard environments (e.g. offices, shops, libraries etc.) and up to 5 employees in high hazard environments (e.g. construction, machinery, light engineering and assembly work etc.)

40   Plasters (boxed)
6    Gloves (pairs)
1    Burns dressing
1    One way valve resus
6    Safety pins
1    Guidance leaflet
1    Contents list
1   Tufkut scissors
2    Sterile finger dressing
2    Eyepad dressing
4    Sterile medium dressing
1    Sterile large dressing
1    Conforming bandage
2    Triangular blanket
1    Foil blanket
1    Microporous tape
20  Sterile saline wipes (boxed)
1   Wall bracket



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Workplace first aid kit – Size Small




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