Children are like little sponges, they’re enthusiastic, take everything in and always seem to remember what they see and hear.  Little ones can surprise us at times and are often more capable than we realise.  Take the clever little 3 year old, Lenny-George Jones from Droylsden, who managed to climb onto his little chair to reach for yogurts from the fridge and then fed them to his daddy who lay unconscious on the floor slipping into a diabetic coma .. absolutely amazing. I wonder whether an adult would have been quite so quick thinking? Adults certainly seem to panic more than children, who seem to just get on with things.

We can embrace a child’s ability for learning and encourage them to learn basic skills that may help them throughout their lives.  Take a look at the baby who has become quite a youtube phenomena with their efforts to ‘save a life’ …


Mini First Aiders

Basic first aid messages can be remembered from a very early age and can prove invaluable.  We’ve had great feedback on our first aid sessions ..

Mini First Aiders

…. on our Mini first aiders sessions  “We had tremendous response from parents and the staff loved it, will definitely put it on again maybe early next year”  Melanie – Georgie Porgies.
Our First aid sessions are appropriate to the ages of the children attending and are available from 3 years upwards. Usually delivered in groups of 10 children with Fido the first aid dog.

First Aid Workshops

For Schools – choose to cover one year or Book a days session and cover several classes in one day – each session tailored to the ages of those attending. Ideal for start or end of term and can be mapped into EYFS or School’s achievment targets.
Excellent practical and fun training learning essential life skills.

childrens first aid
childrens first aid training courses

Learning First aid skills can also be mapped to EYFS criteria:
Communication and language development – speak and listen in a range of situations,
Physical development – understand the importance of a physical activity i.e. CPR and recovery position, (dependant on age ability)

“my favourite thing about the first aid training was when we practised CPR on the mannequin”

“One thing I learnt today was that if you’re with someone who was badly cut, you must put pressure onto the wound with a clean cloth.  I have found this lesson really useful, I’m sure it will come in handy.”

“First we put each other over in the recovery position.  Then we did CPR on the dolls.  After that we learnt what to do if someone was cut or burned themselves.”

“The most important thing I learnt was FAST which stands for: face | arms, Speech and Time to call 999.  This is for a stroke.”

Thanks to Pupils from Crab Lane Primary School for their ‘most important thing I learned’ posts.


childrens first aid

Community First Aid training


Our Community first aid training for parents, carers and families can be delivered in the home.  Learning Basic Life support and important topics such as choking and how to place your casualty into the recover position and why, are included in this training.  The Community first aid training session is for approximately two hours and can be delivered in the evening.  Adults, children and babies first aid is covered with the cpr dolls.  This is essential training for new parents, grandparents and other children in the family.


childrens first aid

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