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All businesses have risk in the mix.  Even in our everyday lives we constantly come across risk.  Think about crossing the road.. our subconscious is considering the traffic around us, the speed it’s travelling, is there a safer place to cross.   You then see others who seem to have a lower perception of risk … crossing the road with headphones on or taking a call, not looking before they step out.
The workplace is no different, there will always be a mix of people with a varied perception of risk.  A worker may have a heightened awareness of a particular hazard because someone they know has unfortunately been affected in similar circumstances. They relate to the situation and readily identify the potential for harm. On the other hand a worker who has ‘done the job for years’ and nothing has ever gone wrong is very likely to become complacent and is therefore not as risk aware.

How can a business ensure that all employees are working as safely as possible for all of the hours they’re at work.

Quite simply they can’t.

However … what we can do is to promote safety awareness in a variety of ways that prompt and engage workers.  Over the years we’ve become more adept in areas such as engineering controls with lock off devices and use of colours as subliminal visual prompts .. you’d never see a green coloured stop button.  As much as possible we ‘engineer the problem out’ and attempt to remove or reduce human error.


health and safety training courses manchester

It’s all about human nature

With engineering controls in place we still can’t totally avoid human error as there is always the potential for someone to make a mistake and miss out part of a procedure.  There’s also the potential for violations to occur e.g. over-ride safety mechanisms, possibly when a machine keeps blocking up, in order to reduce down-time.  I’ll never forget visiting an engineering plant to take a look at examples of machine guarding.  The first guard I was shown by the maintenance manager was a magnetic guard.  The manager explained how it worked, lifted the cover … lo and behold the machine kept running.  Enough said..

So, where from here .. effective risk assessment plays a key part in identifying safe procedures, however other measures such as signage, supervision and training are also essential to ensure workers are kept safe.

Induction training specific to the organisation is vital.  The worker may already have particular skills or qualifications that arrive with them, however it’s important that they are aware of internal procedures and processes and this is where company inductions come into play.  This should include site rules and reporting procedures.

Some of your organisations training may be done in-house as it’s specific to your industry; and may prove to be more cost effective in this way.  However, there will be other areas of training that you simply haven’t got the time or the skills and resources to deliver and it’s more cost effective to ask a third party to do this for you.

Health and Safety Training Courses in Manchester

health and safety training courses Manchester
pulse training partnership

It’s important that you choose your training provider carefully and there are certainly lots of companies out there to choose from.  A good place to start is by taking a look at the awarding bodies who produce regulated qualifications.  Where a training company is registered as a provider to deliver regulated qualifications you can be assured that they have to maintain standards to uphold there registration.  Awarding bodies check training companies to ensure they are professional and the trainers delivering the courses meet criteria in terms of relevant qualifications, experience and ability to effectively assess students ability.

Pulse Training Partnership are registered with Qualifications Network UK (QNUK) and Qualsafe Awards who both offer regulated qualifications in a number of areas.
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